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Hey, You! 

I am so happy you stopped by! Some of you may know me as the blogger at Made With Zeal- which I blogged at for about a year. If not, hello! & nice to meet you. My name is Aisha- a goofy gal with a passion for Christ, cooking, nutrition and fashion.

I am from Minneapolis, MN. Born & raised! Ever since I was young I have struggled with my weight. I was never the skinniest girl in class and I felt like I was always competing with the models on TV and in magazines. I would yo-yo diet because of my insecurities but that got me no where but in a worse spot. 

I was struggling with my weight insecurities, tiredness, acne, amongst other things- so much that I prayed to God about it. I asked Him to reveal to me what best method I should take to feel better and look better. 

Some may call me crazy, but I felt He told me to let go of certain foods that were feeding my body poison and to think of my body as the temple it is. After that day, I let go of refined grains, sugars, processed foods, and chemical filled foods that were harming my body.

I did so much research on foods that were bad for us, the reactions and long term effects on different chemicals and ingredients, and also about foods that are good for us and can actually heal us. It made total sense, why wouldn’t out God, our healer, give us foods that naturally heal our bodies?!

Following that mindset, I started my journey with clean eating and feeding myself natural foods that had healing components and I still am in awe of the results I have seen and continue to see! 

I have lost over 20 lbs, my skin issues are gone, I am way more energized, my emotions/hormones are more balanced, amongst so many other things. My metabolism has improved drastically. 

Teaming food with faith, I have continued on this awesome journey. I believe getting fed through the healing food God gives us and His Holy Word will help me experience the ultimate healing and results I desire. 

I mix food and faith together because I pray and desire healing for everyone who reads and follows Eating to Live. Lets get fuel through the food we eat and the Holy Word! You are fearfully and wonderfully made- I am here to help you know that! 🙂 


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