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Gosh, hard to believe i have been on this weightloss journey for 8 months now! I have learned so much and am amazed at how far I have come but also how much I have left to go! I realize more and more that weightloss and weight management is a lifelong journey, not a 2, 3, 12 month journey. I have my ups and downs, my good days and bad days, my motivating times and complete lazy times. 

But overall, it is about consistency and making it a lifestyle. I have realized I will have weeks where I hardly make it to the gym and where I crave sugar all week and I will have other weeks where they go exactly how I wanted with eating and exercising. But both eating good and exercise is part of my lifestyle now. They will not leave my priority list. It’s crazy, when I have a bad week, I feel it. This last week, I ate a lot of grains (I hardly eat grains!) and sugar. And I didn’t exercise because I was so busy with work activities. Boy did my body not like that. My skin broke out and my body just felt so flabby. 

I used to look at models to make myself feel worse about myself and get motivated to workout and eat good. Now, I look at my old self and compare it to recent pictures. I believe it is a healthier thing to do because we all know when you compare, you despair. But if you look at where you were compared to where you have come, man it’s just motivating and it tells you to keep going rather than letting insecurity drive you to do things. At least I don’t want that. Ever since I have stopped comparing myself to other girls and was my own competition, I have become way more secure and don’t care if other girls may look better– because I am on my own journey. I look and feel better than I did and that is what matters to me.

So that is what I was doing today. I was wanting to get my mind back to working out and eating good. So I went grocery shopping, packed all my meals and snacks and then looked through old pictures and newer ones. That is all I needed. I saw a couple pictures where my face has thinned out and I see improvement in my overall skin and weight. 

PicMonkey Collage

The one on the left was last year around February. The next two are from about a month ago. Not the best quality pics but you can see how my face has thinned out. Seeing how I looked on the left compared the the two right pictures gets me so motivated to keep going– because boy do I have a ways to go. 

Take a lot of pics on your weightloss journey. Just do. You will be able to look back and see how far you have come. It is so cool. And you will be surprised at the changes. A lot of times I don’t feel I have made progress. The pics prove it. 

My goal is to lose another 7% body fat by my one year mark, March 1st. Wish me luck!!



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