#FridayFuel: Immediate vs. Ultimate

Happy Friday, everyone!

I hope everyone has a joyous week. This week has been nuts! The week before the biggest week in retail… you can probably imagine the scrambling. Next week I took the majority of the week off so I can spend time with the family and relax… i can’t wait to binge on Netflix!! haha

I am so excited about this week’s Friday Fuel topic. It is near and dear to my heart because it is something Jesus continues to teach me over time. You can read about some of the things he has taught me in my last week’s post about getting Immeasurable more from God. This is a part 2 to that. 

I think it’s important to talk about and reiterate because it can be so easy to stay in the mindset of “me me me” instead of keeping our minds on the unseen and the bigger possibilities. God has been continually teaching me this since I said “I do” to Him and accepting Him as my lord and savior. He always reminds me to keep my mind on the bigger picture and to always think about the bigger things to come. 

You know the dreams you had as a little child? Mine was to be a fashion designer, and to be a zoologist at the same time. Nothing was impossible to me, nothing had limits. I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I was sure I could do both. I knew I could bring my love for animals to life while being a fashion designer. What if Jesus wants us to be as we were when we were children? To be have that child like faith? 

I think the world changes our minds and molds our minds into thinking that one path is the best way to go or tells you what is reachable and what is not. That is why many of us go to school to get a degree we truly aren’t passionate about to then get a job that we spend most of our days working for someone else. We let our dreams slip away from us instead of continuing to think bigger.

I have gotten stuck in that mindset, honestly. I think about what I can get next versus what God may be working out for me that will be bigger but may come later. I get so stressed out about getting the 10% raise instead of thinking bigger than my job or even myself. That is what happened in my job recently. I was so concerned about getting a promotion that Jesus had to remind me do I want the 10% raise or do I want 100 fold in my life? Often times the 100 fold takes a little longer than the 10% raise but it doesn’t mean it’s not coming or isn’t there. I think I have probably missed out on awesome, BIGGER things because I was looking for the immediate. This last situation with my job really taught me that. Not like He hasn’t been trying to have me get it before, but He knew when I would get it. I told myself I don’t want the 10%. I don’t want to settle. I believe His word when He said he can do immeasurable more than I could ask or imagine. So the dreams inside of me that seem so far away or impossible? He can do even more. WOW! He can give me the ultimate if I trust in Him and follow His lead. This has changed my prayers, my mind and my heart. In this, my focus is not on myself anymore but what I can do for others. Because I KNOW He will supply it ALL for me. He is so good, ya’ll!!

You can, too. That dream you have had in your heart for awhile but just never thought you could do it? You can. Are you focusing on the immediate things in your life or the ultimate? Jesus has your life in His hands, there is no need to worry about this or that. I know it’s hard to really let Jesus work His magic sometimes but once you do, once you really give up the control and give Him the reigns, watch wonderful things unfold! It’s amazing! The things He is doing in my life right now is more than I could even imagine… .and the best part? I am growing closer and closer to Him. I love that– learning more about Him and falling more and more and more in love with Him. I didn’t know I could love Him anymore than I do but I continue to find more inside me that I didn’t know. 

What does your ultimate look like right now? Even if you don’t know how it will come, that is okay! He wants to show you His glory. He will take you places you would never imagine. 




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